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Notre Histoire

Since our early inception in October 2007, we have made all the road in Telecom VAS till today. 

  • October 2007: Incorporation of EDIATTAH Conseils & Solutions
  • 2008: We started our business by offering Marketing services to small business
  • 2009: We brought online our Bulk SMS services backed to simple HTTP and XLS SMS Sender files
  • 2010: We switched our system to a White label SMS Reseller system
  • 2012: We started the SMS aggregation business with a White label SMPP server in the Cloud
  • 2013: We started the in-house development of our proprietary SMS Center
  • 2014: Our SMS Center passed all production tests and proofed to be a very powerful system supporting SMPP, HTTP, XML and IP’sec VPN interconnection with a TPS up to 3000 SMS per second. All the Major players in the industry started connecting to our Africa SMS Hub which offers very high quality pure direct Operator SMSC routes.
  • n the last quarter of 2014, we added many other features on our SMS Center and that high level development activity upgraded our system to an ALL-IN-ONE Mobile VAS Delivery Platform offering to Carriers, SMS Resellers, Content Owners a plug and play Next Generation Central SDP.
  • Last quarter 2014 – January 2015: We launched our Voice Transit Business with our SIP Voice system under the Brand name: Africa Voice Transit. Thanks to our links with world biggest Telecom companies, we set up many direct voice routes and decided to offer ONLY pure CLI routes to our clients.
  •  February 2015: We launched our presence on Asia Market with our first international subsidiary which aim is to handle our core operations in Voice