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We are dedicated to helping Mobile Operators, Carriers, Businesses, Governments, Africa Youth and Everyone willing to make great deal in Telecoms engage with Mobile Messaging and Value-Added services along with smart solutions.

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Valorise Telecom is the Mobile VAS Division of EDIATTAH Group. We are dedicated toservice...

Mondial SMS

Powerful free SMS Reseller System for French Speaking countries, MondialSMS is the Motherhood...


Mobile Value-Added content monetization service in the cloud over USSD...


Whole Africa Market place...


New vision of Social Network with many social and business oriented features...


Your knowledge is worth gold. Earn a lot of money selling online courses. Acquire new knowledge by staying in the office or at home ...


Online Payment made easy for Africa. Buy with Mobile Money, Airtime, Debit or Credit cards in App stores, Merchants websites, ...


Buy in Pharmacies without the need to go there. Just visit Your online multi-vendor pharmacies store, buy and receive your delivery in your office or at home within minutes, …

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Are Wi-Fi and 4G LTE on a collision course?

The way Wi-Fi technology has grown over the last two decades is nothing short of phenomenal. What began as a simple way to wirelessly network isolated clusters of home or business infrastructure within a limited area has become an essential component of wireless communications. From the days of ‘warchalking’, [1] when users identified open Wi-Fi […]

WebRTC Rising in the Enterprise

The last time I attended the Enterprise Connect conference was in 2014. Three years ago, we had already been following WebRTC in our team, but we weren’t doing very much client work yet in WebRTC. WebRTC was bleeding edge at that point – it was barely 2 years old and it was definitely not accepted […]