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Valorise Telecom is the Mobile VAS Division of EDIATTAH Group. We are dedicated toservice Mobile VAS industry with powerful state of the art Africa SMS Hub, ContentMonetization and Aggregation Gateways. We put everything together for Carriers, Operatorsand for Content and SMS resellers.
Pure CLI, IVR & DID Voice Wholesale Gateway is the exact description of Africa Voice Transit. With Africa Voice Transit we confirm our dedication to Africa Telecom VAS industry.



Powerful free SMS Reseller System for French Speaking countries, MondialSMS is the Motherhood of our Mobile VAS business. We started with MondialSMS. We are creating Employment and rocking SMS Wholesale and retail business with MondialSMS.

Panic and SOS Alert via SMS – Children Tracking – Remote Mobile Phone locking – Real-time family members localization on Google Map. RedSurikate™ effectively is your Daily life security APP. With a Google Map integrated Web UI and secure Un-install and phone control features, our APP really takes care of your daily life security.

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Malawi: Free searching [2015-04-18]
Airtel Malawi has partnered with Google, according to Airtel's Chief Commercial Officer Charles Kamoto. Educational videos have been produced to show why the Internet is essential and how Google search can help answer queries related to day-to-day life. Airtel said in a statement that users could visit the Airtel Website for free, and using the Personal and Internet tabs there will be able to search with Google. Browsing on the Airtel Malawi Website is free of data charges for Airtel Malawi customers, although any links that are followed from the search results will be charged at the normal data rates..    All news

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